Islamic Psychotherapy

When working with Muslim clients the core of therapeutic work will be based on the Islamic theory of personality based on Islamic concepts of the heart (Qalb), self (Nafs) and soul (Ruh).

Each client’s journey towards recovery will be an individual one. Here at Healing Practice there are a number of different options that clients can chose from including working with an Islamic framework. When working with clients I might often highlight resourceful ways of using Integrative Psychotherapy and TA concepts  to aid the therapeutic process and ‘open channels of communication’ when working with Muslim and non-Muslim  clients.

The aim of this type of therapy allows clients to gain a better insight and not discount their religious or cultural views.

I work closely with Ihsaan ( which is the first specialised psychotherapy and counselling service in Britain that provides psychological therapies compatible with Islamic psychology. This is a holistic integrative service that is language appropriate, culturally and spiritually sensitive and caters to the needs of Muslim clients suffering from mild to moderate mental health difficulties in Bradford and West Yorkshire