Clients can self-refer, be referred through their GP or another health professional. If you would like to be offered an initial assessment please complete the referral form. All referrals will be considered and contacted within 72 hours of the initial enquiry made. If a referral is assessed as being not appropriate or outside the criteria of resources available, Healing Practice will aim to signpost to alternative services or practitioners with the local area. Referral enquiries can be made by e-mail or via the website contacts page. For more information please get in touch.


We aim to provide a low cost accessible psychological therapy service.

The initial assessment will be an hour and a half consultation of £50 and thereafter each client is asked to make a contribution towards the cost of therapy of £40 per session. However, therapy charges will be based on a sliding scale depending on the client means.

You can discuss your individual needs and ability to pay at your first session.