Healing Practice ethos: Healing comes from awareness & change

The aim of Healing Practice Psychotherapy and Counselling is to provide psychotherapy and counselling to individuals who want to overcome their emotional difficulties and free themselves from unhealthy or self-destructive ways of thinking, feeling and behaving – leading to empowerment and change for a better future.

This website is for anyone who is interested in wanting to see therapist to help overcome challenges they are facing.

The areas I have worked in include:

Anxiety, Depression, low mood, panic attacks, intrusive thoughts, obsessive thinking/compulsions, stress management, anger management, bullying, HR/mental health in the work place difficulties, self esteem issues, relationship issues, phobias, flash backs, cultural difficulties, bereavement, body image distortions, addiction, mood swings, self-harm and personality problems.

If you would like more information or are you are dealing with any of these difficulties, please get in touch.