18 Jul 2022
Couples Therapy

Relationship problems can be triggered by a number of challenges such as communication difficulties, intimacy issues, addictions, family dynamics or changing life events to name a few. Quite often ‘opening channels of communication’ can be the key to re-establishing a healthier dynamic with your partner. Whatever the problem is, acknowledging the strain it’s putting on the relationship is usually the first step to achieving a joint outcome.Seeking help from a therapist who is an independent trained professional, often gives couples new clarity and a supportive space to move forward.

If you and your partner feel that talking to a therapist is an option, do get in contact. Perhaps this might be the step that makes all the difference.

workshop 18 Jul 2022

I host a popular Meetup group each month with monthly workshops and seminars based on psychotherapy principles and group dialogue for anyone who wants to share ideas or learn tools and techniques how to improve interpersonal communication styles, help with personal relationships or to understand workplace Games and dynamics. This group is for anyone who is interested in psychology, spirituality, philosophy and holistic approaches to mental health or self-development. The group is both for practitioners and non-practitioners wanting to network, share ideas, tools or collaborate in a creative space. This is not an accrediting group for anybody who wants to qualify as a Counsellor/Psychotherapist.

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Individual Therapy

I offer individual one-to-one psychotherapy which is a form of ‘talking treatment’. The purpose of any talking treatment is not to give advice but to help clients deal with specific problems, help overcome a crisis or develop healthier ways of living. My aim as your therapist would be to get to the core of the issue and be on that journey of change as you reach your goal or heal old wounds.

When having individual therapy you’ll be entering into a therapeutic treatment where we will be meeting at regular times in a safe environment to explore, deal or overcome a specific issue.

Mental health issues such anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), phobias, personality difficulties and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) might require more specific, long term treatment, this is something that can be discussed during the initial assessment process.

My Ethos: Healing comes from awareness & change

I firmly believe that healing comes from awareness and change. The first step is usually awarness and then looking for help. So please get in touch if you’d like to talk further.


18 Jul 2022
Islamic Psychotherapy

Islamic Psychotherapy

When working with Muslim clients the core of therapeutic work will be based on the Islamic theory of personality based on Islamic concepts of the heart (Qalb), self (Nafs) and soul (Ruh).

Each client’s journey towards recovery will be an individual one. Here at Healing Practice there are a number of different options that clients can chose from including working with an Islamic framework. When working with clients I might often highlight resourceful ways of using Integrative Psychotherapy and TA concepts  to aid the therapeutic process and ‘open channels of communication’ when working with Muslim and non-Muslim  clients.

The aim of this type of therapy allows clients to gain a better insight and not discount their religious or cultural views.

I work closely with Ihsaan (Ihsaan.org.uk) which is the first specialised psychotherapy and counselling service in Britain that provides psychological therapies compatible with Islamic psychology. This is a holistic integrative service that is language appropriate, culturally and spiritually sensitive and caters to the needs of Muslim clients suffering from mild to moderate mental health difficulties in Bradford and West Yorkshire

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